Listing of General Education Courses

The following courses satisfy General Education requirements for the Associate in Arts, Associate in Applied Science, and the Associate in Science degrees. Check each program for specific requirements.

Behavioral & Social Sciences Credits
ANT107 Introduction to Anthropology 3
ANT211 Comparative Cultures 3
ANT215 Peoples and Cultures of the Middle East 3
COM204 Persuasive Communication 3
CRJ100 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3
CRJ103 Criminal Law 3
CRJ105 Criminology, Theory, and Practice 3
ECO101 Macroeconomics 3
ECO102 Microeconomics 3
ECO117 Principles of Macroeconomics (retired) 3
ECO118 Principles of Microeconomics (retired) 3
ECO155 Emerging Market Economies 3
ECO157 Global Economics (retired) 3
ECO200 Global Economics 3
ECO202 Environmental and Natural Resources Economics 3
ETH110 Introduction to American Indian Studies 3
GEO104 Geography: Culture & Environment 3
GOV101 Comparative Politics 3
GOV102 International Relations 3
GOV111 American Government 3
HIS103 US History to 1865 3
HIS104 US History since 1865 3
HIS108 US History since 1945 3
HIS119 World History to 1500 CE 3
HIS120 World History from 1500 CE 3
HIS160 European History to 1600 CE 3
HIS162 European History from 1600 CE 3
HIS201 History of China 3
HIS206 Ancient History 3
HIS207 Medieval History 3
HIS215 Women in US History 3
HIS216 History of Japan 3
HIS217 The Civil War 3
HIS227 History of the Middle East (retired) 3
HIS228 Women in European History 3
HIS241 Selected Topics in History 3
HIS255 History of Vietnam 3
HIS258 African American History 3
HON200 Honors Colloquium 3
HUS101 Introduction to Human Services 3
HUS109 Social Work Case Management 3
HUS201 The Helping Relationship: Human Services Delivery (retired) 3
HUS270 Social Work: Diversity, Cultural Competence, and Social Justice 3
PHI130 Introduction to Philosophy 3
PHI131 Logic 3
PHI160 Three Great Thinkers 3
PHI201 Existentialism 3
PHI210 Ethics 3
PSY101 General Psychology 3
PSY201 Child Psychology 3
PSY202 Adolescent Psychology 3
PSY205 Adult Psychology 3
PSY207 Abnormal Psychology 3
PSY208 Principles of Counseling & Crisis Intervention 3
PSY210 Psychology of Grief 3
PSY212 Human Sexuality 3
PSY219 Psychology of Women 3
PSY225 Social Psychology 3
PSY233 Developmental Psychology: The Life Span 3
PSY235 Cognitive Psychology 3
PSY241 Selected Topics in Psychology 3
SOC106 Principles of Sociology 3
SOC205 Juvenile Delinquency (retired) 3
SOC208 Race, Gender, & Class in the US (retired) 3
SOC209 Sociology of Race & Ethnicity 3
SOC210 Marriage and Family 3
SOC215 Social Problems 3
SOC230 Peoples and Cultures in Africa (retired) 3
English Composition/Writing Credits
ENL101 English Composition I 3
ENL102 English Composition II 3
Humanities & Fine Arts Credits
ART100 Drawing I 3
ART101 Design I 3
ART103 Painting I 3
ART105 Visual Fundamentals (retired) 3
ART109 Art Appreciation (retired) 3
ART125 History of Art: Stone Age to Gothic 3
ART126 History of Art: Renaissance to Romanticism (retired) 3
ART134 History of Art: Renaissance to Modern 3
ART136 Three-Dimensional Design 3
ART205 Illustration (Adobe Illustrator®) (retired) 3
ART207 Graphic Design I 3
ART209 Printmaking Techniques 3
ART214 Digital Imaging (Adobe Photoshop®) (retired) 3
ASL101 American Sign Language I 3
ASL102 American Sign Language II 3
COM103 Human Communication 3
COM105 Survey of Mass Communication 3
COM113 Broadcasting and Content Creation 3
COM120 Introduction to Film 3
COM201 Interpersonal Communication 3
COM203 Public Speaking 3
COM204 Persuasive Communication 3
COM207 Argumentation and Debate 3
COM208 Broadcast Writing and Presentation 3
COM214 Media & Society 3
COM215 Social Media Marketing & Communications 3
COM221 American Film 3
COM222 International Cinema 3
DAN102 Musical Theater Dance 3
DAN120 Modern Dance Techniques 3
ENL102 English Composition II 3
ENL108 Critical Reading and Thinking 3
ENL110 Introduction to Literature 3
ENL120 Introduction to Children's Literature 3
ENL131 Technical Writing 3
ENL135 Short Stories & Human Values 3
ENL150 World Mythologies 3
ENL161 Journalism I 3
ENL170 Producing a Magazine of the Arts
ENL201 World Literature I: Early World Literature 3
ENL202 World Literature II: Enlightenment to the Present 3
ENL203 British Literature I: Medieval Period through the Enlightenment 3
ENL204 British Literature II: Romantic Age to the Present 3
ENL205 American Literature to 1890: The Emergence of American Literature 3
ENL206 American Literature since 1890: Defining the American Identity 3
ENL209 Creative Writing 3
ENL210 Exploring Modern Poetry (retired) 3
ENL215 World Religions in Literature (retired) 3
ENL217 Exploring the World of Science Fiction 3
ENL219 Masters of Horror 3
ENL228 Women Writers 3
ENL290 Selected Topics in Literature 3
ENL291 Selected Topics in Writing 3
FRN101 Elementary French I (retired) 4
FRN102 Elementary French II (retired) 4
FRN103 Elementary French I (3 credits) 3
FRN104 Elementary French II (3 credits) 3
FRN201 Intermediate French I (retired) 4
FRN202 Intermediate French II (retired) 4
GER101 Elementary German I (retired) 4
GER102 Elementary German II (retired) 4
GER201 Intermediate German I (retired) 4
GER202 Intermediate German II (retired) 4
HON200 Honors Colloquium 3
HUM102 Humanities: Perception through the Arts 3
MUS100 Music Appreciation 3
MUS101 Music Theory I 3
MUS102 Music History I 3
MUS103 Music History II 3
MUS116 History of Rock Music 3
MUS202 Music Theory II 3
PHI131 Logic 3
PHI160 Three Great Thinkers 3
PHI201 Existentialism 3
PHI210 Ethics 3
SPN101 Elementary Spanish I (retired) 3
SPN102 Elementary Spanish II (retired) 4
SPN105 Elementary Spanish I for Health Care Professionals (retired) 4
SPN106 Elementary Spanish I (3 credits) 3
SPN107 Elementary Spanish II (3 credits) 3
SPN201 Intermediate Spanish I (retired) 4
SPN202 Intermediate Spanish II (retired) 4
THR101 Introduction to Theater 3
THR103 Acting I 3
THR106 Theater History 3
THR113 Rehearsal & Performance


THR120 Stagecraft and Theater Technologies 3
Interdisciplinary Studies Credits
BUS100 Introduction to Business 3
BIT175 Visual Basic Programming (retired) 3
BST103 Medical Terminology 3
BST110 Computer Applications 3
BUS175 Personal Finances 3
COL101 The College Experience 3
COM209 Event Planning (retired) 3
Event Planning and Meeting Management 3
ENR101 Introduction to Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing 4
ENR102 3D Mechanical Design I (retired) 4
ENR103 Introduction to Robotics 4
HEA120 Stress Management for Optimal Health (retired) 3
MKT201 Marketing 3
SCI150 Scientific Writing & Presentation 3
Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning Credits
ECO101 Macroeconomics 3
ECO102 Microeconomics 3
MAT121 Math for Elementary & Early Childhood Educators 3
MAT130 Quantitative Reasoning 3
MAT140 Survey of Mathematics (retired) 3
MAT150 Elementary Statistics 3
MAT165 Finite Math 3
MAT171 Precalculus Math I (retired) 4
MAT175 College Algebra 4
MAT220 Discrete Mathematics & Introduction to Proofs 4
MAT240 Calculus I 4
PSY217 Behavioral and Social Sciences Statistics with SPSS 3
Natural or Physical Science Credits
AST101 Fundamentals of Astronomy 4
AST102 Astronomy II 4
BIO103 Consumer Nutrition 3
BIO105 Survey of Human Anatomy & Physiology 4
BIO109 Survey of Biology 4
BIO110 Understanding Biotechnology 3
BIO112 Plant and Soil Science (formerly HOR101) 4
BIO141 Survey of Microbiology 4
BIO151 General Biology I 4
BIO152 General Biology II 4
BIO161 The Microbial World (retired) 4
BIO204 Introduction to Public Health (retired) 3
BIO205 General Ecology 4
BIO210 Bird Biology 4
BIO241 Cell Biology (formerly BIO202) 4
BIO251 Human Anatomy & Physiology I 4
BIO252 Human Anatomy & Physiology II 4
CHM106 Survey of Chemistry (retired) 4
CHM109 Chemistry for the Health Sciences (retired) 4
CHM111 Fundamentals of Chemistry  4
CHM151 General Chemistry I 4
CHM152 General Chemistry II 4
ENR106 3D Design & Analysis 4
ENV101 Survey of Environmental Technology 3
ENV118 Introduction to Environmental Science 4
ENV120 Introduction to Environmental Science (Lecture only) 3
ENV121 Introduction to Earth Science 4
ENV128 Fundamentals of Oceanography 4
ENV125 Coastal Ecology 3
ENV165 Renewable Energy, Climate and Careers 3
PHY106 Survey of Physics 4
PHY151 Physics I 4
PHY152 Physics II 4
PHY211 University Physics I 4
PHY212 University Physics II 4

Note: 100-level courses are generally designed for first-year students; 200-level courses are generally designed for second-year students.