PHY199: Special Laboratory in the Physical Sciences

Class Program
Credits 1
A laboratory portion of existing physical science courses that provides a laboratory experience for only those students who are transferring in credits for physical sciences courses that do not match the traditional four-credit format (3 credits lecture, 1 credit laboratory). The laboratory selected must closely match the transferred physical science course, and must have the explicit approval of both the laboratory instructor and the Dean of Science, Technology, Mathematics, and Business. Only if seating is available will students be allowed to register for the appropriate laboratory section during the ADD period. Students who transfer in more than one physical science course may register twice (but, not for the same laboratory experience) for PHY199. Students with laboratory deficiencies in physical sciences courses taken at CCCC will not be allowed to register for PHY199, since the physical sciences courses are designed and taught such that the laboratory and lecture are non-separable.
Completion of the non-lab portion of a transferred physical sciences course and permission of the Academic Dean.
Semester Offered