Tuition Refunds

Students who withdraw from classes may be due a refund of their tuition and fees. Please check with the College Business Office regarding the status of your account. Full refund of tuition is usually allowed before classes start and during the first week of the semester. Financial aid funds will be paid based on the number of days enrolled. Withdrawing during the first nine weeks of the semester will impact the amount of funds available to pay tuition and fees.

Change to Federal and State financial aid funds and Active Duty Tuition Assistance will be paid based on the number of days enrolled.  These resources are not fully “earned” until the student has attended at least 60% of the term (usually 9 weeks of a full semester).  Withdrawals prior to the 60% point require recalculation and repayment based on the number of days attended.

  • A full refund is made if a course is cancelled by the College.
  • To withdraw from a course after the first scheduled class, follow the Withdrawal Policy.
  • The above policy does not pertain to courses that meet for fewer than five sessions.