Tuition and Fees

Full-time Tuition and Fees (per year based on 30 annual credit hours)
Massachusetts residents $6,990
Non-residents $13,170
Tuition and Fees per credit hour
Massachusetts residents $233



The above includes the following:

  • $9 per credit hour Facility Fee
  • $10 per credit hour Technology Fee
  • $190 per credit hour Student Fee
  • $24 MA Resident / $230 Non-resident per credit hour Tuition
Other Fees
Arts Materials Fee $5 per credit hour
Applied Music Fee $400 per course
Aviation Maintenance Technology Program Fees, $192 per credit hour
Toolkit and supplies $2,218.81 for AMT110;
FAA General Certification $175 for AMT120;
FAA Airframe Written, Oral, Practical Fee $1,175 for AMT220;
AA Powerplant Written, Oral, Practical Fee $675 for AMT240
Books and Supplies (estimate) $1,250 per year, full-time
Certifications & Qualifications Retention Program Fee 
(for Nursing, Dental Hygiene, specific Allied Health and Health Science Programs, Funeral Service)
$35 one-time fee
Challenge Exam Fee $40 admin fee per course and $40 per credit hour
College Level Exam Program (CLEP) Administration Fee $20
Culinary Arts/Hospitality Program Fee $10 per credit hour
Dental Hygiene Program Fee $130 per credit hour
Dental Hygiene Certification ($35), Malpractice Insurance ($20 for DEN121; $20 DEN237) and Specialized Equipment Package ($630) Fees $705 one-time fee
EMT Fee $125 one-time fee
Funeral Service Program Fee* $130 per credit hour
Health Insurance

$3,858 estimate per year (9 credits or more)
$2,574 for Spring semester only (9 credits or more)

Health Sciences (Dental Hygiene, EMT/Paramedic, Medical Assisting, Nursing) Fee $37 per credit hour
Lab Fee $25 per lab
Massachusetts Inclusive Concurrent Enrollment Initiative Fee (MAICEI) $1,250 per semester per student
Medical Assisting Program Fee $75 one-time program fee
NCLEX Prep Review Fee $400
Nursing - Drug Testing Fee $50 one-time drug testing fee
Nursing Program Fee $130 per credit hour
Nursing Program Re-entry Fee $100
Paramedic Program Fee $130 per credit hour 
Paramedic Certification Fees
(Certification $1,000 for EMS204; Certification and Qualification $35)
Paramedic Lab Fee $275 per course
Phlebotomy Program Fee $130 per credit
Radio Broadcasting Fee $35 per credit hour
Transcript Fee ($8 Routine; $13 Rush Fee) $8 or $13

Note: Other courses may also require special fees.

*Funeral Service Program students have to attain a parking decal, student support and a connect card provided by Bridgewater State University (which are required by all students on BSU campus during Fall and Spring semesters). BSU charges are subject to change based on the BSU tuition and fees schedule. Students will be billed by CCCC on behalf of Bridgewater State University for following fees:

  • $25 for Connect Card (to be picked up at BSU office)
  • $200 Student Support
  • $245 Parking Decal (to be picked up at BSU office)
Project Forward
Program Fee $2,260 per Semester Core Courses
Comprehensive Transition Program Fee $4,520 per Program