Political Science


GOV101: Comparative Politics

This course is designed as an introduction to the basic concepts and themes in comparative politics. Using a case studies approach, the course compares and contrasts states according to political ideology, process, socialization, historical evolution, public policy, state institutions, and governmental systems.

GOV102: International Relations

This course features an historical examination of the fundamentals of international relations in theory and practice. Topics pertaining to developed and developing nations, security, power, science and technology, and international organizations are discussed with emphasis on the 20th and 21st centuries.

GOV110: The American Presidency

This course explores the responsibilities, staff, functions, and limitations of the modern American presidency. While the course covers the origins of the presidency, the reading and lecture material focuses on the modern American presidency in the post-1932 period. This course explores the cultural, social, and economic changes that have wrought political changes in the meaning and role of the presidency.

GOV111: American Government

This course provides an introductory examination of the federal government. Emphasis is placed upon the political system in both principle and practice, the structure of our government, and public safety.

GOV241: Selected Topics in Government

This course serves as a vehicle to either deepen students' knowledge of subjects addressed in Government introductory courses or explore issues outside the traditional curriculum.