Massachusetts Inclusive Higher Education at Cape Cod Community College, known as MAIHE, is an ongoing opportunity established through legislation that allows students with significant intellectual/developmental disabilities and/or autism to attend college. Cape Cod Community College has been 1 of 13 state colleges and universities to pioneer fully inclusive postsecondary education for these young adults, regardless of attaining their diploma. MAIHE students are:

  1. Concurrently enrolled high school students (aged 18–22) receiving extended special education transition services through their school districts
  2.  Students over age 22, no longer receiving transition services, who have not received a diploma, and who would benefit from continued support attaining post-secondary education and vocational goals.

Students build their independence as they meet transition goals in a socially valued setting. They learn alongside their age-appropriate non-disabled peers, achieving academic goals in a fully inclusive community. Students learn to balance coursework, along with college life, preparing them for community-based internships and employment, and their greatest level of independent living. MAIHE students develop a career plan based on their personal goals, interests and vocational assessments.

Please visit MAIHE for more information about this program.