CHM106: Survey of Chemistry

Presents the fundamentals of chemistry that are integral to an understanding of physical and biological processes. Emphasis is placed on the relationships between these processes and contemporary environmental topics. For non-science majors. (3 class hours/2 laboratory hours)

CHM109: Chemistry for the Health Sciences

An introductory course for students in various health-related programs. Emphasis is placed on practical aspects of inorganic chemistry. Some organic chemistry is introduced. (3 class hours/2 laboratory hours)

CHM151: General Chemistry I

This course emphasizes the atomic nature of matter, fundamental laws and theories of mass and energy, the periodic classification of elements, chemical bonding, nomenclature, kinetic molecular theory applied to solids, liquids and gases, solution chemistry, and descriptive chemistry. Laboratory studies reinforce the principles and concepts studied in lecture and will initiate the student to sound methods of scientific investigation. (3 class hours/3 laboratory hours)

CHM152: General Chemistry II

Continuation of CHM151. Considers the study of chemical families, chemical kinetics, chemical equilibria, solubility products, electrochemistry, nuclear chemistry and organic chemistry. Laboratory studies reinforce the principles and concepts studied in lecture and include the qualitative analysis of metals. (3 class hours/3 laboratory hours)

CHM251: Organic Chemistry I

This course covers organic nomenclature, bonding, structure, reaction theory, aliphatic hydrocarbons, functional groups, stereochemistry, aromatic hydrocarbons, alkyl halides, and reaction mechanisms. The laboratory emphasizes basic laboratory techniques for separation, purification and synthesis. (3 class hours/4 laboratory hours)

CHM252: Organic Chemistry II

Continues CHM251 Organic Chemistry I. It includes nomenclature, reaction mechanisms, name reactions, synthesis, organic qualitative analysis, carbanions, oxygen and nitrogen containing functional groups, spectroscopy and biochemical processes. In the laboratory, organic qualitative analysis, synthesis, and spectroscopy of organic compounds are taught. (3 class hours/4 laboratory hours)