Small Business Development & Sustainability


The Business Administration Program – Small Business Development & Sustainability Certificate is designed to prepare students who are interested in starting their own business or for small business owners who want to sustain and grow their businesses.  Students will take courses business planning,  development and sustainability, management, marketing, basic accounting, and computer skills.

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Spring Semester

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Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Small Business Development & Sustainability Certificate, students are able to:

  • Demonstrate skills in planning, organizing, leading, and controlling that are necessary to coordinate and manage a small business.
  • Recognize and apply interpersonal skills needed in business, including team building, group decision making and providing quality products and services.
  • Analyze the importance of profit and goal setting.
  • Develop a business plan.
  • Demonstrate awareness of various financial opportunities available to small businesses in Southeastern Massachusetts.

Program Completion
Completion of a program is based on full time enrollment. Many of our students attend part time and may not complete within the one year timeline.

Prerequisite Statement

To graduate within this program in the specified time, students must begin in the Fall semester and successfully place into required courses based on placement test results and/or high school GPA. Academic advisors can assist with questions.

Program Completion for Business Programs

Completion of a program is based on full time enrollment. Many of our students attend part time and may not complete within the specified timeline.

Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning Requirement for Business Programs

College-level MAT courses meet the Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning General Education requirement for all business degrees. ECO101: Macroeconomics and ECO102: Microeconomics will meet the Behavior & Social Science general education requirement.